Bad Wolves at Bourbon Theatre

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Bourbon Theatre | Lincoln, Nebraska

Experience the sheer power and electric energy of a Bad Wolves LIVE performance at the Bourbon Theatre – NE in Lincoln, Nebraska on July 26th, 2023! For one night only, the Bad Wolves will deliver their greatest hits and unparalleled talent to audiences across the state.

This is your CHANCE to witness a full-scale Bad Wolves CONCERT, featuring legions of devoted fans as they HYPE their beloved band to FEVERISH heights. With an electrifying stage presence and wall of sound, the Bad Wolves will create an unforgettable experience and a night of music that will stay with you long after the curtains close.

The Bad Wolves' discography is chock-filled with signature jams, and this show will not disappoint. Soaring hits such as "Killing Me Slowly," "Remember When," and "Better Off This Way" will thunder through the packed Bourbon Theatre – NE, bringing out the best crowd-pleasing vibes.

Don't miss your chance to witness the awe-inspiring Bad Wolves LIVE in action! Secure your tickets today and get ready for JULY 26th at the Bourbon Theatre – NE. It's sure to be a night of heavy metal mayhem and WILL LEAVE YOU BREATHLESS!

Bad Wolves at Bourbon Theatre

Are you ready to ROCK?! Join us for an unforgettable evening at the Bad Wolves show at the Bourbon Theatre – NE in Lincoln, Nebraska on July 26, 2023. World renowned metal rockers Bad Wolves will be rocking the evening and delivering their passionate melodic sounds.

The show will be memorable with their signature songs of melodic hard rock bound to make your feet move. Get ready to experience the sounds of ‘Killing Me Slowly’ or ‘Remember when’ that will make you FEEL the music. There’s something for everyone, each song an expression of their life-story. Don’t miss out on their powerful stories of hope, strength and redemption that will fill the atmosphere with passion.

Bad Wolves have been a fan favourite over the world with their infectious melodies and energetic beats that will fill your heart with passion. They’ve received multiple awards, including Spotify #1 in the UK, a Gold Record in the US and an UK Music Video Awards Nomination for Best Group.

Experience Bad Wolves’ greatest hits in their pure live form, soaking up the atmosphere and experiencing the powerful connection between artist and audience. THE BOURBON THEATRE – NE offers a unique experience with its beautiful art-deco interior and modern amenities. The intimate venue gives concertgoers room to groove and dance in the crowd, ensuring an amazing night to remember.

Be there to experience the passionate and powerful live show of Bad Wolves at one of Lincoln’s most renowned venue. Whether you’re a fan or curious to try something new, this is an opportunity to get up close with the music and experience the thunderous night of rock!

Don’t miss out on this unique and unforgettable experience, get your tickets now for BAD WOLVES Live at the BOURBON THEATRE – NE in Lincoln, Nebraska on July 26th, 2023!

Bad Wolves at Bourbon Theatre

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