The Bourbon Theatre encourages welcomed behaviour of dancing the night away with friends and making long lasting concert memories that will last a lifetime!

As such a hotspot for catching the biggest and latest live music on stage – Bourbon Theatre is often a sell-out experience and aims to create a welcoming and exciting atmosphere for all of it’s customers.

That’s why the venue has put in place a few rules to ensure that everyone is able to have a good time without disruption or any inconvience caused to their evening.

Please read the following rules before attending an event at the Bourbon Theatre.

Unacceptable Behavior:
– Underage drinking or the facilitation of underage drinking
– Violence or threats of violence
– Unwelcome remarks about gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, physical appearance, body size, age, race, or religion will not be tolerated.
– Non-consensual physical contact
**Offenders will be asked to leave**

Items NOT allowed in the Bourbon Theatre
– Weapons
– Knives or blades
– Illegal drugs & outside alcohol
– Pepper spray or mace
– Large bags or purses (clear bags are fine)
– Outside food & drinks
– Hoops/poi
– Cameras with detachable lens (unless pre-approved)

Age Limit

The Bourbon Theatre has a strict policy when it comes to ID and the allowed age limit.

If you are attending an event and the show is 18 or 21 upwards, you will need to show ID to gain entry. All ages shows do not require an ID, but there is no exception when it comes to being served at the bar. 

Valid ID’s that are accepted include; state issued ID card or driver’s license, passport, government or military ID, green card. Student ID’s and birth certificates will not be accepted.

Please do check the information before hand, each event will state the age policy for the specific night and we cannot garuntee entry unless these rules are followed.

Ticket Policies:
For ticket policies and guarantees please read the Bourbon Theatre Tickets page.