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Bourbon Theatre - NE | Lincoln, Nebraska

Safari Room

Expect nothing less than an unsurpassed night of rousing alternative music on Friday 15th March 2024 as Safari Room brews a storm at the Bourbon Theatre! Previous concerts have picked up the momentum for the rest of our main star's North American engagement, and they still have a handful of gigs to blow up for avid listeners. Turn down popular music for a bit and lend your ears to the underground sound of this multi-awarded performer.

Influenced by a diverse set of genres, a harmony like none you’ve ever explored before will arise, showcasing indisputably poignant lyricism that will pierce your soul. Grab this chance to behold several of the performer's hottest classics LIVE, from their breakout first record to their newest best-selling singles. Both fans and critics have praised them as this generation's groundbreaking idols, so you’d be smart to watch them here at the Bourbon Theatre, where acoustic quality is pitch-perfect and facilities are world-class. Hit the link above to book your tickets today!

A concert special that's out of this world is barreling right at you this March in one of the most highly anticipated alt-music spectacles in this region of North America! With thunderous ovations, the epic Safari Room will blow up Lincoln, Nebraska, following its prior sold-out shows where it left a trail of rave reviews in its wake. The trip will then land at the famed Bourbon Theatre on Friday 15th March 2024, welcoming you and your friends to sing along with these bonafide trendsetters of their scene!

“My #1 artist who’s shaking up the scene! I can't believe how they pull it off, but their songs are so uniquely alluring. There's no one else who can sing what they sing, and you should absolutely watch them once you have the opportunity!”
Behind the curtains of the musical mainstream, the circle of indie tunes extends its reach, drawing inspiration from the many staples that sculpted the landscape. This is what the upcoming Safari Room will be celebrating! Among this generation's leading visionaries and tastemakers, our main star will drench you in an eclectic sea of exquisite symphonies, from their trailblazing debut hits to the sensational ones of their latest chart-topping album. Irresistible instrumentations combine with expressive poetry and thematic verses in an unforgettable experience that’ll move you in ways simply indescribable.

Award-giving bodies have showered the artist with distinguished awards and universal praise, definitively hailed as the future of alt-music by both critics and fans. Once the sounds die down, you’ll certainly think the same.

The Bourbon Theatre in Lincoln’s lively cultural row will offer a gorgeous setting for the event, with an emphasis on an exhilarating atmosphere and acoustic precision for crowds to engage in. Nebraska's leading live music hotspot features spacious parking and adjacent bars and restaurants for a complete night on the town!

A thrilling spring show waits for you this Friday 15th March 2024, presented by the one-of-its-kind Safari Room LIVE at the Bourbon Theatre! For reservations, hit the “Get Tickets” button today!

Safari Room at Bourbon Theatre - NE

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