Sugar – The Nu-Metal Party at Bourbon Theatre

Sugar - The Nu-Metal Party Tickets

Bourbon Theatre | Lincoln, Nebraska

Get ready for an captivating night of pure LIVE music at the one and only Bourbon Theatre in the center of Lincoln, Nebraska! On Saturday 17th June 2023, lose yourself in the unforgettable music of Sugar – The Nu-Metal Party and let your spirit roar!

From the very first set, you'll be transported on a journey like no other exploring an incredible repertoire throughout their famous career. Prepare to be mesmerized by their GREATEST HITS that have stood the test of time.

Experience the electricity rush through your soul as the stage rocks with their electrifying sound, igniting a FIERCE flame within your very being. Indulge in the raw power of LIVE MUSIC, surrounded by a sea of enthusiastic crowd who share your love. Lose yourself in the collective elation, as Sugar – The Nu-Metal Party creates an unforgettable connection between artist and audience.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to witness Sugar – The Nu-Metal Party live in person. Be part of an unparalleled night that will leave you with a moment to last a lifetime. Seize the moment and GRAB YOUR TICKETS now! Join us on Saturday 17th June 2023 at Bourbon Theatre, because this is an experience you do not want to miss!

Sugar - The Nu-Metal Party at Bourbon Theatre

Okay, we know how it is, you’re bored of the grind when suddenly you realized that Sugar – The Nu-Metal Party on Saturday 17th June 2023 is coming to Bourbon Theatre. Yup, just like you, we can’t contain our enthusiasm.

This is going to one of the best shows of the summer in Lincoln, Nebraska. Why? Well, that is because these guys really understand how to put on the best parties ever. Believe us when we tell you, there will be nothing else that will be better than being at Sugar – The Nu-Metal Party on Saturday 17th June 2023. We’ve got to give it up to the team, they’ve done a fantastic job at creating this one-off event, and you can be sure of top-class amenities as well as sound and lighting. When these come, they come correct. Your only problems for this one are going to be how to dress and where to arrive on time or fashionably late.

There will be nothing sadder than you not being at Sugar – The Nu-Metal Party so to avoid disappointment, be sure to grab your tickets now before somebody else beats you to it and enjoys all the festivities at Bourbon Theatre.

Sugar - The Nu-Metal Party at Bourbon Theatre

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