The Brevet at Bourbon Theatre

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Bourbon Theatre - NE | Lincoln, Nebraska

The Brevet

Dust off your cowboy shoes as you're on the verge of a two-step shuffle all night this fall! Care to take a guess on the striking country artist set to head the performance? The Brevet is making its way to Lincoln, Nebraska, and our anticipation knows no limits! With each and every tune of the guitar and emotive lyrics, The Brevet will whisk you away to the untamed, unfettered wild west!

The Brevet happens to be among the most outstanding country musicians currently. Gaining traction everywhere, hit melody after hit melody, The Brevet genuinely emerges as a potent influence to be considered in the world of country music. Their pieces present a fusion of compelling vocals and resounding percussion, crafting the ideal recipe for country music. The Brevet is set for a long-anticipated showing at the Bourbon Theatre on Sunday November 2023 - do make it a point you're ready for this! Summon all your pals and notify them you're coming to the most sizzling country performance of the fall! Procure your admission passes promptly by merely clicking on 'GET TICKETS' before they vanish!

Great reputation precedes The Brevet. Any country music star worth their salt looks forward to performing in Bourbon Theatre. Country music concerts in Bourbon Theatre are always the dopest. Parking is always in plenty near the concert venue. Scroll to the ‘get tickets’ button and follow the prompts reserve a ticket for the event. Expect the best and experience the best, without exception!

The Brevet at Bourbon Theatre - NE

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